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Photographs of SAMER MUSCATI - "The Men Who Killed Me" - CONTACT 2009

The opening night of Samer Muscati's exhibition of photography, "The Men Who Killed Me", during CONTACT 2009 was the 15th anniversary of the day the killing started in Rwanda in 1994. In the 100 days of genocide that ravaged Rwanda, 500,000 women and girls were raped. Despite numerous accounts of the tragedy, the experiences of survivors of sexual violence have been conspicuously absent. “The Men Who Killed Me” featured seventeen of these survivors, photographed by Samer Muscati for a book of their narratives (THE MEN WHO KILLED ME: text by Sandra Ka Hon Chu and Anne-Marie de Brouwer, foreword by Stephen Lewis, published by Vancouver's Douglas & McIntyre). This book was also aunched on opening night of the exhibition.

While many still struggle to cope with enduring trauma, survivors were empowered by communicating their experiences – a testament to the transformative potential of photography. The photographs in the exhibition at Craig Scott Gallery included some that were also published in the book, but most were independently selected by the gallery. Proceeds from photograph sales went -- and continue to go -- to a Netherlands-based charity working with rape survivors and their families in Rwanda. The gallery continues to process all orders for photographs with no commission going to the gallery and all artist revenues going to charity.

The exhibition was part of the 2009 annual CONTACT Photography Festival.